Spotlight on Amsterdam

Photo by Red Morley Hewitt
Photo by Red Morley Hewitt

Whether you are looking for the weird and wonderful, cultural or charming there is plenty to whet your appetite in the dynamic Dutch capital of Amsterdam...

With its famous canals, Dutch Baroque architecture and many people preferring to cycle or walk than drive around town, this is a perfect place to take a relaxed wander and take in the city's atmosphere.

But with around 75 museums, it is also a place to get your culture fix too. In 2021, the Van Gogh Museum was listed as one of the most visited museums in the world in 'The Art Newspaper', and as home to the largest collection of original works in the world, this is no surprise. Amsterdam is also home to the Rijksmuseum, which is not only a stunning building in its own right, but home to works by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Mondrian and 80 galleries of art and history. There is also the Moco Museum, The Jewish Museum, Anne Frank’s House and the NEMO Science Museum among others. Why not beat the queues and pre-book your tickets here.

Van Gogh Museum With Audio Guide - Yacooba
Marvel at the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings and drawings.
Moco Museum – Banksy Exhibition - Yacooba
See original artworks by Banksy and other contemporary and postmodern gems.
Jewish Museum - Yacooba
Learn about the history of Jewish life in the Netherlands.

There are also live music events throughout the year such as the ADE, The Amsterdam Dance Event for electronic music lovers, or take a look at the concerts available throughout the year at the Royal Concertgebouw, a neo classical concert hall with enviable acoustics opening its doors to thousands of visitors every year since 1888.

As well as the scenic walks around the canals, ferry trips and museums, there is also the famous nightlife s with an abundance of cafes, bars, nightclubs and foodie experiences to choose from. Make a stop at the Foodhallen, for a world of flavours from dumplings to tacos washed down with a variety of different drinks from the bars dotted around. You also need to try bitterballen, a popular bar snack, apple pie, Dutch pancakes on the water at the ‘pannenkoekenboot’ and cheese tasting at one of the many cheese shops celebrating Dutch cheese.

Or even better get your tickets and enjoy a walking experience of a Dutch cheese enjoyed the world over with the Edam Cheese Experience below.

Edam Cheese Experience: The Story of Edam Cheese - Yacooba
Enjoy a walking experience of a Dutch cheese enjoyed the world over.

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